Exhibit in an art

Exhibit in an art

Yes, it is true that the title of this article is ambitious. To speak in generic terms of “galleries” is as dangerous as any other generalization. There are as many galleries as there are gallery owners, and unfortunately we do not have a magic formula that guarantees success.

Perhaps the only little bars that exist today are the contacts and a string of stale illustrious surnames embodied in our ID card. But since most of us lack both the first and the second, we will now share with you our most sincere advice.

Get to know the gallery’s exhibition line.

It is useless to present you in a gallery specialized in oil paintings if your thing is sculpture. In our case we are an eclectic gallery, but with a very marked line… We are interested in the expositive proposals in which the concept and the aesthetics are fused in perfect harmony, that are ambitious, risky and that have very present as much to the public as to the space as active agents of the exhibition. We are interested in works that transcend the walls to create installations that interact with the public.

It is a frequent feature of the space.

Visit their exhibitions, activities. The art world is very, very small. In the end we are all one big family. And friends like to stay in touch. We like to believe that our artists are part of our family, because in the end it is a relationship of trust: you give us the most precious thing, the passion that you put into your work, and we, in turn, work the best and hardest that we know so that the exhibition is a success without any guarantee. Therefore, beyond contracts (which are indispensable), the most important thing for us is that the work moves us and that there is a good relationship of trust between the artist and us.

Have a good online portfolio.

Often, the first thing we do when we meet someone is to search for them on the Internet. It is important that your work is accessible online, well edited, organized. Nowadays there are many options: from a website, to a well edited and professional instagram account, pinterest… Look for the one that best fits your needs, your time and your work.

A good online portfolio allows you to update it, with much lower costs than the production of the work. Yes, we know that it is not the same to see a painting on screen than to see it in situ, but if we are interested in your work, be sure that the next step will be to ask to see your studio or to bring us specific pieces.

Some artists have told us that they don’t want to show their work on the Internet for fear of plagiarism… But we are convinced that the advantages that a good diffusion can provide you are much greater than the risks.

Don’t do it just for the money.

I think we are not wrong when we say that everyone in the art world hopes to become professional and live with dignity. But neither do we discover the silly soup if we say that it is extremely difficult. Few artists can live only from art. And few exhibition spaces can live exclusively from sales.

That’s why there are so many hybrid models. In our case, we don’t exhibit works that we believe can be sold. We try to sell pieces that we are passionate about. That’s why, if you can afford it, create beyond what you think the market, collectors, galleries and the neighbor of the sixth may want. Because only by trying to be true to ourselves can we maintain the passion, the demand and the commitment to our creation.

In our case, the few times we have tried to bring to some fair or event pieces that we thought would have more output, we have failed miserably. And sometimes, taking works that we are deeply in love with, the same thing has happened to us. So, assuming that the tastes of the market are somewhat unfathomable, we prefer to be faithful to our heart and intuition.

Don’t hesitate to ask.

You already have the denial, so you can only get better. We can’t speak for other gallery owners, but we love to chat, exchange opinions and get to know you. Maybe your work doesn’t fit in our line, but we might know someone who can interest you or some project where they are looking for someone like you.

Present a closed project.

A project that has a storyline and that is adapted to the room. Each space vibrates in a different way depending on how the light affects it, how the walls are arranged, the height of the ceilings… Adapt your project so that it dialogues with the space. Not only will the project win but also the person who receives the proposal will see that you have made an effort to know how the room beats.