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About Us

Works of art online: expansion of knowledge and cultural enjoyment

The Internet today allows humans to connect from anywhere and at any time. This is how museums, art galleries and artists can share exhibitions online, increasing people’s access to different works.

Many of the original formats of the pictorial, sculptural and visual works on display in museums are thousands of miles away.

Here are some of the many galleries that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Google Arts & Culture

One that allows users to discover a collection of high quality images of exhibitions, museum collections and archives from around the world, all in a virtual tour of the galleries in which they are located.

This project has a website and App that allows searches by theme, artists, techniques, artistic movements, historical events, historical figures and places.

Saatchi Art

It is an international online art gallery. Here artists can upload their portfolio of work, exhibit their work online and put it up for sale in different formats.

The artists’ works are arranged by artistic media such as painting, collage, photography, illustration, videos. You can also search by type of artistic style: abstract, pop art, modern, portrait, among many other categories.

Art Dealers

It is a contemporary art gallery known for promoting avant-garde artists from Mexico to the world. Its mission is to bring art closer to the new generations.

It has grown along with the evolution of the internet and social networks to increase communication with collectors and artists. The gallery is staffed by painters, sculptors and photographers.

Virtual Gallery

It is a meeting point for the curious, artists, gallery owners, collectors, art critics. This gallery values, comments and shares works of artists around the world, giving users the possibility to be updated on the latest in contemporary art.

This online gallery allows users to view: artists, collections, curators, galleries/marchants, museums/foundations and different educational projects.

Being able to access online the different artistic manifestations is naturally a contribution to cultural recognition, to the appreciation of the beauty of art and helps to understand the different manifestations and ways of telling the human.

Museum of Modern Art of MedellĂ­n

This museum seeks to generate and promote spaces of knowledge and enjoyment of contemporary art for all people. It aims to be a reference point in the generation of thoughts and experiences of culture in the city of Medellin.

In its page users can find current, past and future exhibitions. Collections of significant works of modern and contemporary Colombian and Latin American art, as well as a virtual tour of the entire museum.

Online art democratizes access not only in terms of the spectator’s enjoyment, but also of the artist, since it opens up possibilities for him to show his work, discuss it and commercialize it”.

These are just some of the many galleries and museums that you can visit from the comfort of your home and at any time, exploring and getting to know cultural treasures from all over the world.